blue000 Same Love
A woman fell inlove with someone whom she only met in social media and decided to pursue her. She went to the girl's hometown to find her never minding the fact that the place is not familiar to her. She took a risk for the sake of love.
lqing Start To Evolve From Python
From a lonely black snake to a giant python. Similar fights, monsters crowded out, in order to survive, I began a journey of evolution again and again!
introvert_001 Destiny Is A Bitch
AyeeeeeeThis Webnovel doesn 't cost any SS (yet) could give it a go????? I 'm just a lonely introvert author who wants to share her wild imaginary stories to a bunch of lonely introvert people who like wild imaginary stories
Kyosei Bugged
Phantom_DX Apocalypse : The New Reality
One day when you wake up , all the adults are gone. No one above the age of 20 can be seen on the face of earth. What would you do....? . . . . . Oh and there various magical creatures and zombies lurking on the streets. . . . . And you have system..?